Mens Fragrance Review: Diesel Fuel For Life – best choice for a refreshing, milder scent.


When it comes to fragrances – or perfumes depending on where you are from – I have never been a fan of those old school type fragrances which emit a really stiff and perhaps manly scent.

These harder, more pungent types have sometimes given me a headache, yes I am a bit sensitive, so when I first gave Diesels’ Fuel for Life (check price in USD) a try, I guess you could say it was love at first sniff.

Fuel for Life has a refreshing, slightly sweet scent which does not overpower but is unique. Once you are used to it, you can definitely recognise when someone is using it.

Its top notes (the smell you get when you first spray it on) are citrusy and refreshing, definitely not overpowering.

But once it settles down, the base notes (the scent you get after leaving it on for some time) reveal a nice woody and lavender fragrance which adds to its sophistication.

With its refreshing Fuel for Life is perfect for use in the hot summer months but is also right at home in the colder months thanks to its charming base notes.

A definite must try for those looking for a milder yet sophisticated scent which also makes it a safe choice for those looking to give it away as a gift.

Buy Diesel Fuel for Life

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