Best spare parts and accessories for WLtoys V911 helicopter

OK, so you’ve bought your own  WLtoys V911 and love it to death.

Here are five absolutely essential spares or accessories you have to get to ensure you get the most out of the V911 and reduce any potential downtime after incurring damage when you crash (yes, you will crash).



v911 blades

The main blades on you V911 will take a lot of damage when you crash, especially if you do not power down the throttle on impact and the blades keep slappin’ on the concrete pavement.

Now the blades on the V911 are quite durable and it will take a significant crash on a hard surface to crack them, however, they do tend to pick up nicks and scrapes on the edges quite easily. You can still fly but the balance of the blades will be slightly off and it will be noticeable when you fly.

These are cheap (check prices here) so it does not hurt to keep a few pairs as spares. There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh pair of blades on your V911.

Buy V911 main blades




The flybar, which balances the rotation of the main blades, also take a lot of the brunt when crashing. Bent flybars can seriously affect the handling of your V911.

They are really cheap (check prices here) and are easy to replace so keeping a few spares will ensure you can keep getting the best our of your V911.

Buy V911 flybar



tail motor

Being a brushed motor, the tail motor on your V911 will inevitably start to deteriorate in performance with more hour you put into flying your V911.

When your helicopter will not hold steady and keep slowly turning 360 degrees, despite having trimmed it, is a sign the tail motor is starting to go bad. Eventually the motor will totally kaput and the heli will completely spin out of control.

Again, tail motors are cheap (check prices here) and replacing them will give your V911 a nice new feel to it. It is a bit tricky to swap out but not impossible. There a number of videos on youtube which show how to do it.

Buy V911 tail motor



With all the fun you are having with your V911, I can guarantee you that the two batteries you get with the V911 will not be enough!

It is a good thing that spare batteries are cheap (check prices here) and easy to get. They come in a number of different capacities for you to choose from. The higher capacities will give you longer flight time but are heavier and will affect the handling characteristics of your V911.

Buy V911 spare battery




Having bought all those spare batteries you are going to need at least one more charger so you can save time on charging.

The good thing about these V911 chargers is that they run on a USB plug which means you can charged them from a powerbank when you are out on the field.

They are also cheap (check prices here) and come in a number of configurations.

Buy V911 spare charger

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