WLtoys V911 Review:  Best budget RC helicopter for beginners

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As a kid, I had always wanted a RC plane or helicopter but at the time (this was in the 90’s), it was way too expensive for me to buy with my own pocket money.

I completely forgot about my childhood dream until I stumbled upon the WLtoys’ V911 helicopter in 2013.

The basics

I bought it for RM120 (check price in USD) here in Malaysia without doing much research on it first. I really did not expect too much as due its cheap price but ended up being blown away by just how good it was.

The V911 is a four channel RC helicopter. Four channel means it can go forwards and backwards (one channel), bank left and right (another channel), rotate 360 degrees left and right (another channel) and also has a control for the throttle, which is also considered one channel.

It communicates with the transmitter (another word for the remote control) via a 2.4ghz system. If has a control range of about 50 meters with the standard transmitter included in the package.

There are cheaper three channel helicopters out there, the difference is these cannot bank left and right and use an infrared transmitter system which only has a range of roughly 10 meters and cannot be used outdoors.

What is included?

The WLtoys V911 comes well packed in a sturdy box. Included inside a two battery’s, a charger which can charge two batteries at a time, a set of spare blades, the transmitter (remote) and the helicopter itself.

How does it fly?

It really is a joy to fly, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a highly experienced RC pilot.

The V911, compared to its rivals, is light and very responsive to control inputs. Indoors, in the hands of a more experienced flyer, it is very accurate, you could land it on a pack of cards.

It has two modes – normal and aggressive. The aggressive mode makes it much more responsive and allows it go faster, which is useful if you are flying outside against the wind.

Why is it good for beginners?

It is easy to learn

In normal mode it is easy for beginners to learn flying on. You will be able to grasp the basic control methods in a short amount of time. Playing in a reasonably clear space indoors, where you do not have to worry about the wind, will help to learn faster.

It is quite durable

If you are new to RC helicopters it is inevitable that you will crash. In fact I can guarantee that you will crash a lot.

But do not worry, being made out of durable, bouncy plastics makes the V911 almost perfect for crashing! It can handle quite a bit before you break the blades or the flybar.

I have one very important tip for those just starting to fly.

If you know that you are about to crash, do not bother to try ‘save’ it from crashing… JUST KILL THE THROTTLE, POWER DOWN and your V911 will land on its side or on its blades just fine. If it crashes at full power, the blades will continue to hit whatever you crashed into and this will definitely damage it.

There are a ton of spare parts and accessories for it

Being so popular, there is a huge market for the V911 spare parts, whether standard replacement parts or upgrade parts. So if you break something, hopefully not too soon if you follow my tip on crashing above, the are parts readily available to fix it.

There are also a lot of accessories such as spare charges, spare batteries, carrying case and so on available for the V911.

There are a lot of tutorials on the V911

Again, being so popular there are a ton of resources online about the V911. If you need to fix it or upgrade some parts or swap out a motor, there are a lot of tutorials available on websites and even youtube, so you can quickly learn to maintain you V911.

Buy the V911

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