Remax 610D review: Great value but don’t expect miracles.


If you are looking for budget, corded earphones then the Remax 610D are a pair you should consider. For their price range they do punch above their weight, but do not expect miracles.


First look



I bought these in Malaysia for RM32 (check price in USD), which is really very cheap for a decent set of earphones these days.

The 610D comes well packaged, in the box are obviously the pair of headphones themselves- in this review a funky black and red pair but they also come in white and all black – spare rubber earbuds in different sizes, a cool little faux-leather pouch (a nice touch at this price point) to keep the earphones in and a user manual.

Appearance and build quality

Aesthetically, they do look well designed and up to date.  Build quality is decent, it does not feel cheap to the touch but you can tell it ain’t expensive either – just OK.



remax 2

Sound quality and features

Now the important bit. A lot of reviews have mentioned that the 610D  has good bass and I have to agree with them. This makes it right at home for heavy bass style music such as EDM and hip hop.

However, I do not feel that the mids and treble from the 610D match up to the bass. The 610D does not really have as much fullness and clarity as some midrange earphones from more famous brands (not a fair comparison though as they are more expensive).

But, after using them for a week, I noticed that the mids and treble did improve quite a bit which probably means they just need to be properly run-in (yes earphones need to be run in too!).

The 610D is also equipped with a microphone as well as volume controls and answer call/skip song button which is de rigueur these days.


Honestly, for the price it is hard to fault the Remax 610D for its shortcomings. It offers great value at this price range and is a good step up if coming from other cheap earphones.

Check current price for the Remax 610D

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