Gunung Jerai – what a view!

Sunset is absolutely stunning at Gunung Jerai




I have heard a lot about Gunung Jerai (gunung means mount in Malay @ Mount Jerai) in the past from my outdoor enthusiast friends, some who have trekked there, and also my one of my friends who comes from the district of Yan, where Gunung Jerai is situated.

It has a reputation for being a mystical place, with quite a number of legends to its name.

Located in Kedah, up north in peninsular Malaysia, it was one of the few places I have always wanted to visit and I got the chance to do so when the Jelajah Malaysia cycling tour held a stage there.

Maximum elevation for Gunung Jerai is roughly 1,200m, which is quite a bit lower than Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands (both in Pahang), but the climb up is quite steep (UCI Hors Categorie) and even our poor van struggled to go up, spinning its inner rear tire on almost every sharp turn.

Gunung Jerai is quite unique as it is located close to sea, compared to Genting or the Camerons which are within the Titiwangsa Range. Due to this, the view is absolutely stunning!

When we arrived at Regency Jerai Hills, our accomodation for the night, there was not much to see as the view was blocked by layers of clouds below (yes, we were above the clouds!), but once it cleared away in the evening it was absolutely beautiful, with hundreds of kilometres of paddy fields and Pulau Bunting and Pulau Songsong (Pulau means Island in Malay) in sight.

Sunset was even more beautiful, the orange-reddish hues making almost like a scene from the movie 300.

Honestly, it was the most beautiful view I have seen here in Malaysia. Here are a few pictures I managed to take, which honestly don’t really do the place much justice.






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