Bukit Merah.. at a glance

The long jetty at Bukit Merah. Pretty in the mornings.


Heavy day with Jelajah Malaysia. Today’s menu: Bukit Merah-Kuala Kangsar-Kulim.

Spent last night at Bukit Merah in Perak. Passed by a few times before but this was the first time I’ve managed to walk around.

Some sections of the resort by the lake were being renovated so it wasnt as pretty as it should be but as an angler I wasnt bothered by that.

With the waters near the resort being a no-fishing zone, I could sense the potential here immediately. I spotted a few lampam sungai (tinfoil barb) rising just metres off the bank.

Armed with some bread I nicked from the breakfast buffet, I started chumming a spot near the bank but only a few fish were on the take.

An elderly lady walking by told me to go to the end of the jetty, where there are more fish. I did and she was right.

A few bits of bread chucked in saw hundreds of lampam sungai and lampam jawa (javanese bard) boiling at the surface. It went on for a while when suddenly they all disappeared despite there still being bread on the surface.

A moment later a toman (giant snakehead) rose, about 2kg in size, which was very likely the reason why all the lampam ran for their lives.

Bukit Merah is also know for its kelisa (arowana) though there probably arent many left in the lake.

They also have orang utans, which seem to be quite popular with the visitors here.



NEXT STOP: Kuala Kangsar.

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