Kuala Kurau in an hour


I Stopped by Kuala Kurau in Perak for the second stage of the Jelajah Malaysia bike race today.

Was just there for an hour but it did make an impression on me. It’s a fishing village like many others in Malaysia but felt much smaller and less affected by the rapid development and modernisation the rest of the country, especially here in the peninsular, has seen.

It felt very much like much of what my mothers’ kampung (village) did in the 80’s and early 90s. Rustic is the word.

I saw a few archer fish swimming and a small mud crab swimming near the jetty in the town. Im sure there is good seafood to be had here so I will definitely be back.

And the racing, the reason I was there in the first place, wasnt too bad either. Terengganu Cycling Team took another win, a ‘veteran’ fan-favourite took to the podium and a local hero was celebrated by an adoring home crowd.

Next stop: Kuala Kangsar.



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